Is Hair Spray Flammable? Is it safe to use?

Have you ever stood too close to a candle or an open flame while using hair spray and felt a sudden panic?

If so, you’re not alone. Using a highly flammable product on our hair can be unsettling, and it begs the question: is hair spray flammable?

Yes, hair spray is flammable. The alcohol and other chemicals contained in hair spray can easily ignite when exposed to an open flame, causing a flash fire. It is important to keep hair spray away from any open flame or heat source and to store it in a cool, dry place.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the science behind hair spray and explore the potential risks and precautions associated with using this everyday beauty product.

So, buckle up and read on to learn more about the flammability of hair spray and how to use it safely.

What Is Hair Spray?

Hair spray is a styling product that can help you maintain your look, add volume and shine, and protect your hair against the elements.

Whether you’re looking for a light, flexible hold or a strong, long-lasting hold, a hair spray is perfect. Read on to learn more about this versatile styling product and how it can help you achieve your desired look.

Is Hair Spray Flammable?

Hair spray is indeed flammable, and as such, it poses a potential fire hazard if not used with caution. It contains various chemicals and petroleum-based products that can easily combust when exposed to open flames or extreme temperatures.

In some cases, the aerosol propellants used in hair sprays can become even more flammable due to the high pressure required to release them from the can. As a result, it is important to exercise care when using hair spray to minimize any potential fire risks.

Hair spray has been known to ignite and create large amounts of smoke and fumes when exposed to open flames or excessive heat.

Is Hair Spray Flammable

This smoke can be dangerous as it contains hazardous chemicals that could be inhaled and cause respiratory irritation or other health issues.

Moreover, because of its flammability, any hair spray containers should always be kept away from heat sources such as stove tops, grills, fireplaces, candles, etc.

How Does Hair Spray Work?

When you apply hair spray, it forms an invisible layer of polymers over each strand of hair. These polymers comprise different types of chemicals, such as copolymers, resins, and volatile silicones.

The copolymer resins provide strength and resistance to humidity, while the silicones add shine and flexibility to your style. Together, these two ingredients help maintain your look for hours.

In addition to protecting from humidity, hair spray can also act as a styling tool. Using it with other products like mousse or gel can help set your style in place without making it look stiff or crunchy. If applied correctly, it can also give more volume or body to limp or thinning hair.

Another key benefit of using hair spray is that it offers heat protection before blow drying or curling your hair with hot tools.

It helps prevent damage caused by the high temperatures produced by these tools and keeps your locks looking healthy and shiny for longer periods.

Is Hairspray Flammable After It Dries?

Hairspray can be flammable even after drying. The PVP ingredient in hairspray acts as a plasticizer which helps to keep the product from drying too quickly and becoming brittle or sticky.

However, the presence of this ingredient also means that when used near open flames or extreme heat sources, the product can become volatile and ignite.

A study by Middle Tennessee State University showed that aerosol products such as hairspray are combustible when sprayed onto materials placed in an oven between 400-600°F for five minutes or more.

Is Paul Mitchell’s Hair Spray Flammable?

Paul Mitchell Hair Spray is not flammable, but it is important to note that all aerosol products should be kept away from open flames, sparks, or any other ignition source. As a rule, never use aerosol products near heat, fire, or even when smoking.

Paul Mitchell Hair Spray has been formulated with non-flammable ingredients and is VOC-compliant in the United States. It does not contain ingredients regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as having the potential to be flammable.

However, due to its pressurized container and flammable fuels (such as propane and butane), this hair spray can still pose a risk if used near an open flame or high-heat source. Therefore, storing Paul Mitchell Hair Spray in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and ignition, such as lighters or matches, is best.

Can Aerosol Hairspray Catch Fire?

Aerosol hairspray is an important styling product that millions of people use daily. It’s designed to hold your hair in place and add volume and shine. But is aerosol hairspray flammable?

The answer is yes. Aerosol hairspray is flammable. This is because aerosol hairspray contains a combination of flammable ingredients, including hydrocarbons, alcohols, and propellants. When these ingredients are released from the aerosol can, they mix and become flammable. Aerosol hairspray can ignite if exposed to an open flame or spark.

Because of this, it’s important to use caution when using aerosol hairspray. It should be kept from open flames and sparks and never sprayed directly onto an open flame or electric appliance. Additionally, it’s important not to spray aerosol hairspray near heat sources, such as a stove or space heater.

It’s also important to read the safety label on the aerosol hairspray can before using it. The label will contain information about the product’s flammability and should be read carefully.

Is Nonaerosol Hairspray Flammable?


The short answer to the question “Is nonaerosol hairspray flammable?” is yes, it can be. However, it is important to understand the potential risks to take proper precautions.

Nonaerosol hairspray is made from flammable ingredients containing alcohol, solvents, and fuels. These two ingredients can be ignited when exposed to an open flame or spark.

Notably, aerosol hairspray is less flammable than aerosol hairspray, made with a higher concentration of these ingredients.

When using nonaerosol hairspray, you should always avoid open flames, smoking, or other ignition sources. Additionally, it would be best never to use the hairspray near a heat source, such as a stove, fireplace, or oven. Even when not in use, you should always store the hairspray away from heat sources in a cool, dry place.

The fire risk caused by hairspray can be further reduced by reading the product label and following all safety instructions. Many hairspray products have warning labels that list the potential dangers and advise precautions.

What Is In Hair Spray That Makes It Flammable?

Hair spray is typically made of alcohol, fuel, and other ingredients. The main ingredient responsible for making hair spray flammable is alcohol.

Alcohols used in hair spray are typically either isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol (Ethanol). Both alcohols are highly flammable and readily ignited under the right conditions.

The propellants used in hair spray also make it flammable. Propellants are compressed gas that helps to disperse the spray evenly.

Common fuels used in hair spray are hydrocarbon-based, such as propane, butane, and isobutane.

These gases are highly flammable, so when they are mixed with alcohol, it creates a highly explosive mixture.

In addition to the alcohol and propellants, hair spray usually contains other ingredients such as fragrances, stabilizers, and preservatives.

These ingredients don’t usually make the hair spray more flammable, but they can help keep the spray from evaporating quickly and last longer.

The combination of alcohol, fuel, and other ingredients in hair spray makes it flammable.

It’s important to take extra care when using hair spray, as it can easily ignite and cause a fire if not handled properly. Keep the can away from heat sources, and never spray near an open flame.

What Happens If You Put Hairspray On Fire?

Hairspray is a flammable substance – it contains alcohol, which is highly flammable and can quickly ignite.

When exposed to an open flame, hairspray can cause an explosive reaction. It can result in a large fireball and intense heat that could cause serious injuries.

It could also result in a fire that could spread quickly and cause severe damage. It is important to remember that hairspray is not just a potentially dangerous combustible material; it also contains toxic chemicals. Breathing in the fumes from burning hairspray can irritate the eyes, throat, and lungs and even lead to chemical pneumonia.

If you accidentally set hairspray on fire, the best thing to do is to stay calm and move away from the area as quickly as possible.

Ensure to get help from emergency services if the fire has already spread. Do not try to put out the fire yourself.

What Can Be Used Instead Of Hairspray?

1. Sea Salt Spray: Sea salt spray is a natural alternative to hairspray that can give your hair texture and volume. It’s also great for beachy waves. Just spray it on your damp hair and scrunch it to create your desired style.

2. Mousse: A mousse is a great option for adding volume and texture to your hair. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, straight style or big, bouncy curls, mousse can help you achieve the look.

3. Styling Cream: Styling cream can help give your hair a polished look without any crunchy hold. It’s great for giving your hair shine and controlling frizz.

4. Gel: Gel is a great way to keep your hair in place without crunchiness. It can also help control frizz and give your hair a sleek look.

5. Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is a great way to remove your hair’s oil between washes. It can also help provide texture and volume to your hair. Be sure not to overdo it; too much dry shampoo can leave your hair dull and lifeless.

6. Texturizing Spray: Texturizing spray is a great option to add volume and texture to your hair without crunchiness. It also helps control frizz and make your hair a natural shine.

7. Wax: Wax can help control flyaways and give your hair a more styled look. It’s great for creating sleek looks without too much crunchiness.

These are just some options for styling your hair without using hairspray. Whether looking for a natural, beachy look or something more polished, these alternatives can help you achieve the look you want without the crunchiness of hairspray.


Taking proper safety precautions when using hair spray is important, as even a small spark can ignite the product and cause a fire. Be sure to follow all product directions and keep it away from open flames.

If you suspect your hair spray has become flammable, it is important to dispose of it properly. Please do not attempt to use it or store it near any open flames.