Hi, I m Aaron Smith, a firefighter, and creator of Firefighterline.com, a website that provides top-notch training courses for firefighting organizations.


I am also an honorary member of several safety advocacy groups. I always had a passion for firefighting and began my career volunteering in my local community. After completing my studies, I quickly rose through the fire service ranks, eventually becoming Captain at one of the busiest fire departments in the state.

In addition to being an active firefighter, I m very passionate about giving back to the community and helping other firefighters reach their full potential. With this goal in mind, I created this website, providing educational materials and resources for fellow firefighters.

In recognition of my efforts, I have been honored with awards from various safety organizations, including the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the National Association of State Fire Marshals.

My aim is to ensure that all firefighters have access to quality information and resources to do their jobs confidently and carefully.

I believe that no single person or company should have an advantage over another when it comes to staying safe on duty or off duty – everyone deserves equal access to knowledge and resources needed to be effective first responders!